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17 October 2012

An Infomaniak-Radionomy agreement to make revenue-generating radios on Internet easier

This agreement aims at developing the commercial offer of both groups, thus giving the opportunity for all radios to benefit simultaneously from Infomaniak’s streaming technology, the Adionomy adserving service and coming up very soon an audience certification program.

Infomaniak is amongst the leaders of European streaming companies, managing the streaming of over 300 radios in Europe including RTBF, Radio Suisse Romande, Radio Nova, Ouï FM, Espace Groupe, Alouette or else Groupe Start.

"Our goal is really to ease the access to advertising revenues and help Web-broadcasting radios develop. It’s all about offering our current and future radio clients a service even fuller than the one we offer today. Thanks to the Adionomy adserving system, this partnership gives our clients the opportunity of optimizing the marketing of their radio streams". (Boris Siegenthaler, CEO of Infomaniak)

Everyone on the advertising sales house side is delighted with this collaboration: "Thanks to this agreement, a radio streamed by Infomaniak will easily be able to join the Adionomy commercial offer. This partnership makes it possible to bypass certain technical constraints that we had up until now when a radio wished to join our advertising offer to monetize its audience. Infomaniak is a key player in the world of 2.0 radios and a large number of radios in France and Europe are already client of this service" (Eric van der Haegen, Sales Manager of Radionomy).

This agreement is a new progress in the European 2.0 radio market consolidation.

The service will be available in early 2013 at the latest.

About Infomaniak

Established in 1996, Infomaniak Network SA is a Swiss company based in Geneva, where all the company employees work, and where both its Datacenters are located. The company is specialized in the hosting of Internet websites, email management and live audio and video content broadcasting. Infomaniak Network SA promotes a relaxed corporate culture and works on raising its clients and employees’ awareness of sustainable development and lifestyle impact on the environment for future generations. With a turnover of over 10 million CHF in 2011 and nearly 40 employees, Infomaniak Network SA has been keeping up a steady growth year after year, becoming a key player for Internet in Switzerland and Europe.

About Radionomy

Radionomy is a free global service created in 2008 by a group of online radio enthusiasts which allows people worldwide to listen and create their own online radio.
With a wide range of music and theme-based radios produced and managed by real people, such as music amateurs, artists, DJs, opinion leaders, actors and story tellers, etc., Radionomy’s radios are much more than basic playlists.
Moreover the groundbreaking platform RADIONOMY.COM provides its members with all the necessary tools to broadcast, promote and monetize their own radio station for free.
Supported by MusicMatic, Radionomy is one of the widest online radio networks worldwide with over 6.000 online radio stations and over 42 million listening hours each month.

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